Onsite assistance

Measurements, FIELD’s main goal, are what make its personnel carry out their activities with dedication and professional expertise.

FIELD studies and develops monitoring solutions by leveraging the miscellaneous experiences and professional expertise acquired over the years.

FIELD follows the entire installation process of instruments, the configuration and coordination of works, system start-up and initial system test.

Activities are always carried out with ongoing interaction with the Client, moving from requests and specifications analysis to the definition of operative proposals, leading to the “turnkey” supply, installation and subsequent initial functional test.

FIELD performs its activities through the synergistic interaction of competencies and resources, both inside and outside the company, to achieve excellence by continuously considering the various market needs.



Core activities include:

  • measurement taking;
  • technical assistance during construction works;
  • geological-geomechanical assistance at the excavation sites of tunnels;
  • excavation site surveys;
  • pile load tests;
  • pile driving;
  • installation and cabling for new instruments;
  • maintenance of existing monitoring systems;
  • configuration of data acquisition systems and relevant start-up.