Quality policy

FIELD has established and maintains a certified Quality System that complies with standard ISO 9001-2015.

Field’s Quality Policy is based on the following core principle:
"Achieve utmost customer satisfaction, respecting expectations and needs, through the high quality services offered."

FIELD is a company that mainly provides services for which quality is crucial for corporate competitiveness and, therefore, for the prosperity of its employees.

Particularly, the services are provided by involving personnel with outstanding dedicated skills and experience in all phases of the activities. Hence, achieving quality goals is closely related to the extent to which personnel participate in and agree with corporate policy and decisions.

This is why the quality policy specifically focuses on corporate aspects that are vital to ensure success, precisely on:

  • all corporate processes for which the types and levels of future improvements must be defined, identifying the most appropriate indicators for their management;
  • customer satisfaction, defining the expected level and the actions to be implemented to achieve it;
  • company personnel who, feeling they belong to a team determined to achieve corporate success, must find the most appropriate atmosphere and inspiration to develop, feel safe and fulfilled;
  • owners’ expectations regarding achievement of the desired return on investments;
  • commercial suppliers and partners to achieve high standards of contributions and cooperation towards shared growth;
  • (financial, infrastructural, human and environmental) resource management to ensure effective and ongoing support for the company’s growth and success.

The General Management has the primary responsibility of achieving this goal. Hence, it assigns the responsibility of quality system management, of defining the quality system and of ascertaining its appropriateness to the Management’s representative, who will draw up regular reports on the status of the quality management system and on effective goal attainment.
The General Management performs regular reviews, promotes improvement actions for the subsequent period, and ensures ongoing consistency of this policy with the strategic goals.