HS Line Torino Lione
HS Line Torino Lione
HS Line Torino Lione
HS Line Torino Lione


Project amount

€ 1.500.000





Performed activities

Supply, installation and management of data concerning the geo-structural monitoring system of the first and second phase coatings of the base tunnel.

Main technical data
Instrumented rings 12 unit
Pressure cells 84 unit
Strain gauges 1047 unit
Multipoint borehole extensometers 114 unit
Dataloggers 5 unit
Cross-border section, from Susa / Bussoleno to St. Jean-de-Maurienne 65 km
Speed 220 km / h for passenger trains, 110 km / h for freight trains

The Turin - Lyon is a railway line for goods and passengers that is located in the heart of the Mediterranean Corridor and consisting of an international railway line of 235 km, which would flank the historical line existing between the two cities. The project, born in the nineties, since 2005 is developed as part of the TEN-T trans-European networks program.

Following the agreements of 2001 and 2012 between the Italian and French governments, three sections have been identified for the work:

An international route, the costs of which (in the first instance for the most part to be borne by Italy) will be partly reimbursed by the European Union, consisting essentially of a new "base tunnel" of the 57 km long twin-tube Moncenisio (originally 52 km) between Susa and Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne (Saint John of Moriana, in France), managed by TELT


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