Viaduct Moro
Viaduct Moro
Viaduct Moro
Viaduct Moro
Viaduct Moro

Spea Engineering S.p.A.

Project amount

€ 112.180





Performed activities

Supply, installation and automatc data management of the monitoring system

Main technical data
Spans monitored 9 units
Vibrating wire strain gauges 66 units
Bar clinometers 46 units
Datalogger 1 unit plus 6 external multiplexers
Sampling frequency 30 minutes

The Moro Viaduct is an Italian motorway viaduct, located along the A14 motorway (European road E55) in the municipal area of Ortona. Cross the valley of the Moro river.

Work began in May 1967 and ended in October of the following year. The motorway section was opened to traffic on November 4, 1969.

It is a girder bridge, made of reinforced concrete, consisting of 25 spans of 45 m of light, for a total length of 1 123 m.

The prefabricated trusses rest on the pillars and are 19.10 m wide. The beams supporting the slab are in prestressed reinforced concrete, the BBRV system.

The Moro viaduct has constructional characteristics identical to those of the neighboring Riccio II and Saracen viaducts, which however have a lower number of bays (respectively 8 and 4).

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