About us

FIELD is a Sisgeo Group member company that provides Geotechnical, Civil and Structural Engineering Services. FIELD has conducted business both in Italy and abroad for the past 20 years with its team of highly specialised geologists, engineers, topographers and technicians, providing clients with specialised technical assistance during design, implementation and maintenance of infrastructures.

Established in 1999 with head office in Lallio (Bergamo), FIELD is renowned both in Italy and internationally for measuring and monitoring systems for civil, hydraulic and geotechnical engineering applications. FIELD has developed new competencies over the years, expanding its service offering and becoming, without doubt, a leader in the international and Italian technical assistance and consulting sector, and for services designed to meet the needs of geotechnical, civil, hydraulic and environmental engineering.

FIELD provides monitoring services for large infrastructures during both construction and operation, such as dams, roads, motorways, railways, tunnels, etc. We offer a range of complete, innovative and specialised Services and Solutions designed to meet every need in terms of geotechnical and geostructural monitoring systems. The experience acquired during long years of work with leading Public Awarding Authorities, Construction Companies, Design and Consulting Firms in the field of infrastructural civil engineering has enabled us to develop competence and mastery in data acquisition, processing and analysis.

Our core SERVICES include:

  • design and engineering of geotechnical, structural and hydrometeorological measuring and monitoring systems;
  • supply of instruments, measuring and monitoring systems and their installation;
  • data/value management via a proprietary Web Monitoring System (WMS) platform;
  • servicing and maintenance interventions on existing monitoring systems for editing, reconfiguration, adaptations, recalibration of instruments;
  • performance of tests, measurements and on-site tests;
  • dynamic and topographic monitoring, both manual and automated.

FIELD has established and maintains a certified Quality System that complies with standard ISO 9001-2015.