Vision and Mission


We believe that measuring, testing and analysing data means understanding the world and gaining insight.

We like to think that our work of designing and implementing effective and innovative monitoring systems will contribute towards a safer world.

Awareness and adequate control of risks and of the deformative and structural evolution of a geologically challenged infrastructure or environment allow us to customise even innovative services and solutions to meet the needs and goals of our Clients.


Be expert consultants and technicians in the scene of geotechnical monitoring of civilian works to learn the details of both the infrastructure and the geological geostructural problem.

We are technicians driven by a passion, and we do not wish to answer a latent question; instead, we want to actively participate in the construction/design process of the demand for measuring systems.

Our work mitigates geological and infrastructural risks, thanks to high quality instruments and innovative software platforms.

We are committed to building long-term cooperation based on mutual trust with each Client, and to offer a complete and accurate service: careful analysis and evaluation of operative risks, identification of optimal alarm warning and measuring solutions with reliable monitoring systems, and timely management of alarm warning processes.

Our goal is to provide genuine added value to Clients, and become their privileged partner.