Neckartal Dam
Neckartal Dam
Neckartal Dam
Neckartal Dam

Salini Impregilo Spa

Project amount

€ 300.000





Performed activities

Geotechnical structural monitoring system, design, supply, installation, start-up and data management of the dam

Main technical data
Piezometers 100 unit
Multipoint Borehole Extensometers 360 meters
Strain Gauges 78 unit in the dam
Data loggers 2 unit with 24 external multiplexer
Signal cables 47.000 meters

The Neckartal dam, made of compact rolled concrete (RCC), about 80 meters high, 518 meters long and with a volume of about 950,000 cubic meters, will use the waters of the Fish River to produce energy and to create a water reservoir¸ with a capacity of 857 million cubic meters, intended for the irrigation of 5,000 hectares of land for the agricultural development of the area.

Downstream of the dam, at a distance of 13 km, a transom (360 meters long and 9 meters high) and a pumping station with relative intake will be built. Through a steel pipe with a diameter of 1,100 mm and 8.7 km in length, the water will reach a storage basin (for 90,000 cubic meters of water) which is also part of the project.