Unipol Tower Milan
Unipol Tower Milan
Unipol Tower Milan
Unipol Tower Milan
Unipol Tower Milan

Meridiano Secondo S.r.l.

Project amount

€ 540.000





Performed activities

On-site supply and data management of the monitoring systems of the Unipol Tower and the underlying railway

Main technical data
Start of monitoring 2007
Rail Way Deformation System installed 60 units
Topographic sights installed 50 units
Load cells for tie rods installed 16 units
Accelerometers installed 1 unit
Horizontal inclinometer probes installed 76 units
Strain gauge bars installed 24 units
Automated total stations 1 unit
Data Acquisers 2 units

The UnipolSai Tower, the Milanese headquarters of the group, is a skyscraper under construction in the Porta Nuova district at the crossroads of via Melchiorre Gioia and via Fratelli Castiglioni, where the Hotel Gilli was once born.

The works began in 2017 with the piling of the foundations. The foundation stone was laid in spring 2019 [1]. The completion of the tower is scheduled for 2021 and will include 23 floors above ground and 3 basements, a total area of ​​33,000 m² and a total height of 125 meters.

The skyscraper will have an X-shaped structure, reminiscent of a nest; the materials used for the construction will be glass, wood and steel. The work is completed by an auditorium with over 270 seats and on the roof a panoramic greenhouse-garden dedicated to hosting public and cultural events.

Field has contributed its experience in the field of monitoring since 2007 when activities began for the construction of the Gilli Hotel, which should have been 90 m high, the only hotel contemplated in the new area, with 180 suites, two restaurants, a belvedere on the top of the building and a dedicated SPA. The project, curated by the Benati architecture studio in Verona, has been canceled and replaced by the project for the Unipol tower, under construction and subject to current monitoring.